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they/them, she/her

Hi! You may know me as Emilia, Jasmine or just my username "diademiemi"!

I'm a 19 year old nerd from the Netherlands!

My interests are DevOps tools like Ansible, Terraform and Kubernetes. I'm currently working as DevOps Engineer, where I work mostly with Linux servers and automating them

My hobbies are 3D Printing, coding and gaming. You'll find me apply what I learn to my hobbies too!

Check out what I do on my blog or projects page!

object Me {
    val names = arrayOf(
        "Jasmine", "Emilia")

    val pronouns = arrayOf(
        "They/Them", "She/Her")

    val tz = TimeZone.

    fun pronounceGIF(): String {
        val pronunciations = arrayOf(
            "χɪf", "Gif", "Jif", "Yif")

        return pronunciations[Random()
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